Shower Feet

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  • Sticks firmly to almost any bath or shower
  • It is made with over a thousand high quality soft bristles on the insole and inner strap that thoroughly clean the top, bottom, sides, and heel of the foot,
  • Firm, but soft bristles scrub and exfoliate your feet
  • Safer than stretching or bending to clean
  • Pumice stone built-in to the heel
  • Clean between your toes with ease

✅ Most of the time we ignore cleaning our feet throughly due to maybe a tight shower space, the inconvenience of reaching down or so else. DON'T NEGLECT YOUR FOOT HYGIENE WITH OUR SHOWER FOOT SCRUBBER. 
✅ Clear Any Debris, Calluses, Cracked and Dead Skin
✅ This cleansing shoe uses over a thousand soft bristles to give your feet an exfoliating massage from top to bottom.

✅ The bristles are great at getting in- between your toes and there's a pumice stone in the heel, so you can smooth away dry and damaged skin.
✅ They fit feet of all shapes and sizes, so kids and grown ups can enjoy bright and beautiful heels and toes. Refreshing and revitalising your feet has never been so easy and felt so good.
  1. Add your body soap
  2. Let it run down your feet
  3. Gentle & Smooth, Up & Down Motions To Clear whole feet
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